Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Hump Day, Wednesday!

Thank you Lord. We have had two good days on Main Street. Welcoming customers old and new, part-time and full-time residents.

Why is salmon so popular? On Monday night, over 75% of our customers ordered salmon. There is no real planning in the restaurant business. You can only make your best guesses.

Our Norwegian salmon is quite good, but three quarters of the orders for salmon? Tuesday evening brought a more normal mix of Chicken 'N Dumplings, Meatloaf and Crab Cakes plus of couse, more salmon. We offer our salmon with a Lemon-Herb Butter or Blackened.

"Self praise is no praise", grandma always said, but we had some really good stew meat yesterday and our beef stew today is out of this world, if I say so myself. You are always at the mercy of your ingredients however! Loaded with onions, carrots, peas and wild mushrooms, it was really good last night and will only be better today. Available as a lunch portion for $9.95 or a dinner portion for $12.95 (both including soup or salad).

Pulled pork? Oh yes! Several customers asked that we do it as a special every weekend. We have roasted another 20lbs worth that will be a lunch special on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I "taste tested' a couple nibbles yesterday evening, it is great!

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Anonymous said...

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